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Tap or click a row to view competitor locations

What can I view?

You can view a map of the area in which your chosen competition is taking place. Each pushpin on the map represents the most recently reported position of a competitor’s GPS tracking device within the monitoring period. Tap or click a pushpin to show the competitor’s identification (boat class and sail number), latitude and longitude and time of the report. Frequency and accuracy of position reports depend on device settings. A device’s position will not be up to date if the device is not transmitting so check the time.

Auto update mode on. Locations are automatically updated every 60 seconds. Recommended for use only when connected over WiFi.
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Who can I view?

A competitor's latest reported position can be viewed if all the following are true
  • The competitor has registered a GPS tracking device with SailEvent.
  • The competitor has entered a competition that is being monitored at the time of viewing.
  • The competitor has the GPS tracking device with him or her, it is correctly set up and is transmitting its location to SailEvent.

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