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SailEvent offers a choice of plans and annual subscriptions for the Club App.

The Sailor App is completely free.
No costs for sailors, ever.
Try before you buy. All you need to get started and test drive SailEvent for free.
completely free
Great for many clubs - everything in Basic plus more capacity, fully functional Race Team app, automated integrations.
For busier clubs running multiple events. Includes all the features of Club plus unlimited capacity.
club app features
Basic Club Plus
A competition in SailEvent is a general term for a set of one or more related sailing races. Synonyms for competition include series, event, meeting, championship, regatta, open, Nationals, Europeans, Worlds.
competitors per competition
A competitor is a boat that is entered in a competition.
virtual notice boards
One place on the web for all the information about a competition. Documents, forms, links, notices, courses and more. Easy to create and keep up to date.
Competitors use their phones to register to go sailing. Think of eTally as the electronic equivalent of signing sheets and tally boards.
Real-time GPS location reporting. Both race teams and spectators can see where boats are and where they are heading.
club racing online entries
An easy-to-follow way to enter club racing competitions online. Embed in your club website.
open meeting online entries
As club racing with additional contact details, club name and emergency contact.
custom online entries
Add a form created using a third-party form builder to your SailEvent online entry form page.
online entry fees1
Collect entry fees from competitors by credit or debit card.
offline entry fees
Collect entry fees from competitors by bank transfer, cheque, etc.
class lists
Lists of classes of boat. Each competition can be assigned a class list. Multiple competitions can share the same class list.
sessions (days ahead)
A session is a period of time during which one or more races are run - typically a sailing day. You can set up sessions this number of days ahead.
sessions (days astern2)
The number of days in the past for which sessions and their list of participants are kept before being automatically deleted.
publish courses online
Sailors see the course when they eTally.
interactive Race Team app
Essential information for race management and safety.
Up-to-date and updateable.
read-only Race Team app
SMS text eTally prompts
Prompts are quick reminders that it's time to go sailing.
Can be delivered by email or SMS text.
manual integrations
Exchange information with compatible sailing apps.
automated integrations
Exchange information with compatible sailing apps.
ad free3
Infinity, no limit on use.
1 2% application fee per online entry (inc VAT where applicable).
2 Sessions are automatically deleted after the number of days shown.
3 SailEvent does not currently show ads but reserves the right to do so.
Extended support and training POA
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