the tech of major events for every sailing club

Offer the technology of big events to your club members and race teams.
The internet inevitably impacts our sport at all levels. SailEvent offers a first step for clubs who want to be in the forefront of this movement. To set out on this innovative direction of travel register now. It takes only a few minutes with no commitment and it's free!

key features

Entry lists in the cloud. This means a single, unified list of competitors and their current real time status - easily accessible and updatable by your office and race teams. No more conflicting spreadsheets and VHF conversations!
eTally lets competitors use their phones to register to go sailing. Think of eTally as the electronic equivalent of signing sheets and tally boards.
eLocate is real-time GPS location reporting. Both race teams and spectators can see where boats are and where they are heading.
web apps bring this data together so race officers can immediately see who is competing and where they are. Essential information for race management and safety.


Clubs give your race teams a real-time picture of who is sailing and where they are. More information means better and safer decision making.
Sailors tell race management in real time that you are sailing today, where you are on the water, and when you are ashore. Key information for good and safe sailing.


Watch the progress of your friends and family round the race course with the SailEvent Viewer.
Works on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops at home, work or in the clubhouse.