By registering you identify yourself to SailEvent and choose to opt in to its features. You need register just once to cover all clubs and events that use SailEvent.
Identification Your email address identifies you to SailEvent. Optionally you can give yourself a password.
Opt in to eTally reminders by text or email. Or get your personal eTally link and pin it to your home page.
Opt in to eLocate so that race management and spectators can monitor your location. You will need a tracker and its unique id. A tracker can be an app on your phone or a dedicated device. If you don’t have a tracker ready you can skip eLocate during registration and come back to it later.
If your club is not participating in SailEvent then you can still register though its usefulness will be limited. But you are welcome to have a look around and perhaps recommend SailEvent to your own club.
Log in to your SailEvent account to view and update your preferences. You need only your email address to log in but you can save time by giving yourself a password.
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